About Us

Heritage Green Farmers’ Market was established in 2017.

Our Mission:

The Market is an initiative of the Heritage Green Community Team (HGCT), managed by the Heritage Green Farmers’ Market Management Group (MMG). The MMG as been established in order to conduct the seasonal weekly farmers’ market in the Upper Stoney Creek, Heritage Green area. The Market will promote and facilitate the sale of locally grown produce and food products for the benefit of the Heritage Green community, local farmers and local businesses.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be a vibrant and economically stable community-run farmers’ market in the heart of the Heritage Green community. ¬†Founded on a passion for farm-to-table food and goods, the market will give area residents easy access to local, healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly food choices. It will also serve as a way of connecting consumers to the individuals who grow, produce and hand-craft the products they enjoy. Equally important is that the market will help foster strong neighbourhood relationships and community connections. Our vision is that the Market will serve as a community hub, bringing Heritage Green families together to enjoy healthy food, healthy products and healthy relationships.